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Traffic Survey

Traffic Assessment

The TA will be required to consider the relevant Scottish Government policies and conform to the requirement of Transport Assessment Guidance, however, the following local issue should also be considered in detail:
  • Consideration shall be given to providing safe and secure facilities for pedestrians and cyclists between the site and the town centre, railway station, Ferrytoll Park and Ride, Inverkeithing Primary School, Inverkeithing High School and bus stops
  • Impact of additional vehicle trips on Preston Crescent and Commercial Road. An increase in vehicle trips on both Preston Crescent and Commercial Road would lead to objections to a planning application, therefore mitigation measures are required
  • The Preston Crescent Bridge is narrow with a footway with substandard width on one side only. The TA shall include measures to narrow the carriageway over the bridge to provide a give and take one-way priority system and a wider footway
  • Two means of vehicular access to the site would be provided
  • The TA must consider vehicle movement during the construction phase.


The key stage elements for the project are indicated below:-
Stage 1 - Formal Scoping Study The Scoping stage will be used to confirm the development proposals with FC and define the study parameters, in particular, the baseline conditions around the site for all modes of travel and will involve:-
  • Site visit; photo record of site and surrounding area;
  • Detailed review of existing walking and cycling opportunities to access the site
  • Detailed review of existing road infrastructure and opportunities;
  • Detailed review of public transport accessibility of the site.
Within the Scoping letter, trip / traffic generation, study area, car parking overview and servicing strategy will be presented.

Stage 2 – Transport Assessment The Transport Assessment process will commence following the scoping stage and will present all transport implications associated with the proposals, assess the development against national and local transport policies and ensure that the proposals do not compromise the safety or efficiency of the surrounding road network.
The assessment will seek to encourage and accommodate the non-car based travel demand through the provision of measures that improve the opportunity for walk, cycle and public transport trips. In general terms the Transport Assessment will require to:-
  • Identify baseline conditions including a review of existing walk, cycle and public transport provision and quantify existing traffic conditions in the study area of the proposed development, including that from any committed planning consents
  • Identify the likely people trip characteristics of the initial and future development for all modes of travel, including trip generation, distribution and assignment
  • Assess the impact of development generated travel on the surrounding transport network and identify appropriate mitigating measures to offset any uplift in travel demand generated by the proposed development.
Our suggested scope of works is detailed below;
  1. Site Visit
  2. Liaise with Roads Authority
  3. Liaise with Roads AuthorityPrepare and issue scoping letter
  4. Organise junction counts for use in Transport Assessment, if required
  5. Review the proposed site access junction(s) design and associated swept path analysis
  6. Audit of access to the site by all modes of travel
  7. Determine development traffic distribution during construction and operation
  8. Calculate total daily development associated trips
  9. Highlight potential improvements to enhance access to the site by non-car modes of transport, if necessary
  10. Undertake opening year junction capacity analysis during the peak period, if required
  11. Review accident history
  12. Ensure access junctions and surrounding junctions will accommodate the development proposals
  13. Consider construction vehicle access
  14. Prepare draft Transport Assessment for Client and Project Team approval
  15. Submit final Transport Assessment as part of planning submission.
Reporting There would be two formal deliverables from the commission which will take the form of a comprehensive Scoping Report and Transport Assessment which will report on the sustainability and accessibility of the development site and highlight potential network improvements, if necessary.