Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: Can you tell us about DDR (UK) Ltd?
    A: DDR (UK) Ltd is a specifically created company (SPV) to process the planning application and the development of PQ (Prestonhill Quarry). It has no connection to any other company or companies and is backed by a group of private investors.
  • Q: Who can we contact in DDR (UK) Ltd if we wish to make comments?
    A: There is a facility within this website facility within this website to send an e-mail enquiry or make comments via e-mail. Alternatively, you can e-mail
  • Q: Will the Community have the opportunity to influence the final application?
    A: Absolutely. Through this website, public consultation, or a series of face to face meetings with the local community.
  • Q: Will the coastal path be retained?
    A: For sure. Discussions are on going about positioning coastal path and adding some additional features which will enhance its appearance and functionality.
  • Q: Will the communities of Dalgety Bay and Inverkeithing be joined as a result of this development?
    A: No. There is no plan to alter the existing boundaries between the two communities.
  • Q: How many houses are planned?
    A:The existing draft plan is for 135 private houses and 45 affordable homes.
  • Q: Who will be involved in the development of the affordable homes?
    A: There are advanced discussions taking place with Kingdom Housing Association and agreement in principle has been established.
  • Q: Why so many houses?
    A: It is important to put the housing plan into context. Firstly, the last planning application on the Quarry sought to build 350 houses on the site. Striking the balance between the paramount issue of the long-term safety of everyone, maximising the community benefits and maintaining commercial viability continues to be the challenge. As everyone can see, the topography of the site is extraordinarily complex and requires a substantial amount of engineering work (currently estimated at just under £8m) before any roads or construction can begin.
  • Q: Will the Quarry be filled in?
    A: This is an issue which is not only hugely contentious for many people but greatly divides opinion. The initial concept was to create a diving school in the Quarry. However, as the details of such an idea have been examined, this proposal has proven to be extremely challenging and exceedingly difficult to deliver. The overriding concern is for the ongoing and long-term safety of the greater community and as a consequence the only prudent solution appears to be to remove much of the Quarry danger while retaining a water feature which is much less hazardous and can be enjoyed by everyone in the community.
  • Q: When will be able to see the plan for the site?
    A: Application has already been made to Fife Council to begin the process of public consultation. The website will be updated as soon as we have any more information.