Benefits to Local Community


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Proposed Community Benefits

  • Enhancement of Coastal Path along frontage of site to create a safe and attractive promenade for pedestrians and cyclists in landscape setting
  • Establish viewpoints across the site and along the coastal path. Public seating areas will be incorporated
  • Reconstruction of the Beamer Rock Lighthouse as a feature attraction on the coastal path
  • Adjust the topography of the site to address public safety issues by replacing vertical cliffs with sloping embankments
  • Remove the deep water pond on the quarry floor and replace with landscaped wet pond providing ecological biodiversity
  • Improve visitor parking and parking for local residents
  • Provide private amenity ground for Preston Terrace residents
  • Improve accessibility to high level areas and Letham Wood and create accessible path network
  • Establish high quality landscape setting for the coastal path and coastal fringe
  • Retain concrete industrial loading platform as industrial heritage and develop it as a feature view point
  • Create new pier from the derelict conveyor gantry and provide access for water taxis, diving boats and water activities
  • Improve signage along this section of the coastal path
  • Provide a freshwater drinking water fountain as a public amenity